Ornament Styles

AA Beaded Diamond

Beaded Snow Man

C Beaded Spiral

DD Beaded Christmas Tree

E Fleur de Lis

GG Beaded Basketweave

HH Beaded Circle

I Beaded Vertical

J Beaded Lace

KK Beaded Diamond Trio

L Spiral

M Vertical

NN Beaded Christmas Cheer

OO Beaded Majesty

PP Beaded Medallion

QQ Lace

RR Beaded Heart

S Beaded Snowflake

T Beaded To the Point

UU Beaded Ups and Downs

V Beaded Windowpanes

W Beaded Cobweb

X Beaded Cross

Y Beaded Jack-o- Lantern

Z Beaded Double Diamonds













































































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